(FM20) Club Number 3!!!! & 2028/29 Season Review

Welcome back! So my time in Brazil has come to an end, and after only 3 weeks without a job I have been inundated with offers, OK maybe that’s an exaggeration but I’ve had a couple of offers that didn’t float my boat, then one came in that immediately caught my eye. A relatively new club who have had success a few season ago but have fallen away. Let’s take a look and see where I’m off to! This post will talk about the new club and also tell you how the rest of that season went after I took over.

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(FM20) Athletico Paranaense – 2027 Season Review

Welcome back! Another season down, this save gets better and better by the minute. Season Two is over in Brazil with Athletico Paranaense and after last seasons Serie A win, our first in 25 years expectations are high, the board want another title and we are favourites to do so, they also have massively high hopes for the Copa Libertadores!! So could we do everything they asked? Keep reading to find out…

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(FM20) – FK Haugensund – 2024 Season Review – Can we recover?

Well hello there! Yes that’s right I’m back in your face with another season review. What a save this has been so far! So last season was a shocker, we failed to regain our title and for the first time in the save we failed to win a trophy. This season is massive, the board are get twitchy and we need to get Champions League football back to the Haugesund Stadion.

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(FM20) FK Haugesund – 2023 Season Review – Entering the big-time…but for how long?

Welcome back! So another season is down, my fifth season at Haugesund in Norway (that’s my 8th achievement) and it’s still bloody enjoyable. After last seasons amazing title win alongside automatic qualification to the Champions League Group Stage confidence is high, I have high expectations for this coming campaign, what happened wasn’t what I expected, this has been one tough season!

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(FM20) FK Haugesund – 2021 Season Review – New Tactic, New Hope

Welcome back! Well season three is over and it’s been another great campaign. This save has got a hold of me! So last season was cracking, our second straight Norwegian Cup win alongside a top 4 finish in the league. Performances weren’t good but the mistakes had been found. With a new tactic in place and a new found belief I had a feeling this season was going to be a good one. I was most definitely right!

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Lewis Voce

Notts County – Day 1

Notts County are a football club with a terbulant recent past both on and off the pitch.

Off the pitch, it all started to unravel back in 2009. When Munto Finance bought the club and appointment Sven Goran Erikson as manager, the football world was jumping with excitement, however, what seemed too good to be true was simply that and Munto eventually sold to Ray Trew a year later who stayed in charge until stepping down in March 2016.

Enter, Alan Hardy. A local man who grew up a County fan, sounds perfect? Let’s just say that football ownership hit Hardy like a tonne of bricks, as constant bad decisions led to the Magpies dropping down the league’s and last year out of the football league entirely. Hardy ended up disgraced after a picture of his “delicates” ended up on twitter and eventually sold the club in the summer.

This is where the hope comes in, Hardy sold the club to Alexander and Christoffer Reeds, owners of football statistics/betting advice website Football Radar, and their is the intrigue, can a statistical approach pay dividends in non-league football?

I cannot confess to being too up to speed on how to play FM through a statistical model, but one thing the Reeds should be looking at is using that to an advantage through scouting, and that is more the approach I will take at the club, it may take a season or two, but eventually I want to be looking at bringing in underpriced assets from neighbouring areas (U23’s of other midland clubs), countries (Scotland and Ireland) and eventually the lesser fished waters in Europe that can provide value (such as Scandinavia and Eastern Europe).

So, what do we have to work with on day 1 at the club?

3 solid goalkeepers give us good depth in that area. Jake Kean is also our Goalkeeping Coach so will take up the 3rd choice role, whereas it looks like Sam Slocombe will be a clear number 1 going into the season.


Central defenders look decent but not a massive amount of depth. Turner is one of the best players at the club, Tomlinson looks solidly average and Bird has some decent attributes but lacks high mental attributes. We have good options in full back areas, with all players looking good enough for this level. Tootle may have to move on as I prefer the potential in the other two options, but for now, I may retrain him as a defensive midfielder.

We have plenty of combative midfielders, but maybe lack technical quality. My assistant fancies Michael Doyle as the best of the lot, at 37 he has great mental attributes and experience, but at that age, who knows how many games we will get out of him.

We are a bit short in quality on the wings, and that will be an area i strengthen, but Enzio Boldewijn is probably the best player we have, and if he has a good season, we should do well.

Four solid centre forward options give me plenty to think about up-front, where Wes Thomas probably looks the best of the pack with decent all round attributes for this level.

Overall, I’m happy with the squad. We definitely need a winger and maybe another centre back too, but early signs are good for a promotion push.



(FM20) – FK Haugesund 2019 Season Review – Did the hard work pay off?

Welcome back! So here we are at the end of Season one with Haugesund in the wonderful land of Norway. It’s been an incredible season, probably one of the most enjoyable seasons I’ve had on FM! Anyway let’s not hang about, this post is going back to my roots, a nice, normal, easy to read season review

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(FM20) Planning and preparing for success…hopefully

Welcome back to a post I wasn’t expecting to do but after a chat with one of my close friends in the FM Community I wanted to do a separate post explaining some of the things I do on Day One. With this save, where I’m planning a long stint (for me) at one club I want to make sure I am fully prepared to make it as successful as possible. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Lewis Voce

Re-joining the party…. Tentatively by Lewis Voce

Hey all! Now for something completely different on my blog. I’d like you to all welcome Lewis who will my first guest writer on the site talking about his FM20 experience. So for now a little intro from Lewis. I hope you enjoy!!

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A Goodbye to FM19 and my FM20 Save Reveal

Well hello there. That’s right the man formerly known as NewgenFM is back!

No no don’t stop reading just yet! I’ve been on a nice little hiatus for a few months, which I will discuss more further into this post. But all you need to know for now is I’M BACK.

This post is going to talk a little bit about my FM19 year and then I will be telling you about my FM20 plans, the save and which club I will be starting with (although if you want a TL:DR just look at the featured image on the blog!)


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