(FM20) Club Number 3!!!! & 2028/29 Season Review

Welcome back! So my time in Brazil has come to an end, and after only 3 weeks without a job I have been inundated with offers, OK maybe that’s an exaggeration but I’ve had a couple of offers that didn’t float my boat, then one came in that immediately caught my eye. A relatively new club who have had success a few season ago but have fallen away. Let’s take a look and see where I’m off to! This post will talk about the new club and also tell you how the rest of that season went after I took over.

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(FM20) Athletico Paranaense – 2027 Season Review

Welcome back! Another season down, this save gets better and better by the minute. Season Two is over in Brazil with Athletico Paranaense and after last seasons Serie A win, our first in 25 years expectations are high, the board want another title and we are favourites to do so, they also have massively high hopes for the Copa Libertadores!! So could we do everything they asked? Keep reading to find out…

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(FM20) – FK Haugensund – 2024 Season Review – Can we recover?

Well hello there! Yes that’s right I’m back in your face with another season review. What a save this has been so far! So last season was a shocker, we failed to regain our title and for the first time in the save we failed to win a trophy. This season is massive, the board are get twitchy and we need to get Champions League football back to the Haugesund Stadion.

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(FM20) FK Haugesund – Building For the Future + 2022 Season Review….Did we win it?

Welcome back! Anyone for another post? Good because another post is what you’re going to get! So this is the second part looking at the 2022 Season. In Part One I gave you a mid-season update, we were into the Quarters of the cup and top of the league after 14 games. A brilliant start but could we keep it up? In this part I will wrap up how this incredible season has gone, win the league and we guarantee ourselves a Champions League group spot for next year! But firstly I want to talk about something I briefly mentioned in the last post and that’s my youth team.

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(FM20) Planning and preparing for success…hopefully

Welcome back to a post I wasn’t expecting to do but after a chat with one of my close friends in the FM Community I wanted to do a separate post explaining some of the things I do on Day One. With this save, where I’m planning a long stint (for me) at one club I want to make sure I am fully prepared to make it as successful as possible. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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A Goodbye to FM19 and my FM20 Save Reveal

Well hello there. That’s right the man formerly known as NewgenFM is back!

No no don’t stop reading just yet! I’ve been on a nice little hiatus for a few months, which I will discuss more further into this post. But all you need to know for now is I’M BACK.

This post is going to talk a little bit about my FM19 year and then I will be telling you about my FM20 plans, the save and which club I will be starting with (although if you want a TL:DR just look at the featured image on the blog!)


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