(FM20) Newcastle United – 2045/46 Season Update- Second Season Syndrome?

Welcome back everyone, first things first I just want to say thanks to everyone for the amazing support so far, not only in the last post but in the whole series so far. After last campaigns amazing 6th place finish gaining us entry to the Europa League expectations are high, the board want a mid-table finish this season! This post is going to look through the first half of the season. I wouldn’t usually do this but I get a feeling there will be a lot to say and I don’t want to bore you all with a stupidly long post!

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(FM20) Newcastle United – 2044/45 Season Review – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Welcome back! Well I’m now nicely settled into the North-East of England, as the title suggests “I’m ready to rumble!”.

Hopefully by now you will have read the previous post explaining my decision, saying goodbye to Magdeburg and welcoming myself to Newcastle, if not go back and a take a read.

So here we are, the first season is over, how did it go? Well let’s take a look!

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Youth Prospects – 2021/22

One of the key club visions the board are keen for me to do is buy under 23s for the first team squad. Sounds a reasonable request right? However, with a budget of close to fuck all, it makes it hard to bring players in of that age that are ready for first team football when we are trying to cement ourselves as a Championship side.

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(FM20) Magdeburg or Magpie? The Ultimate Dilemma

By now I’m hoping you have read the previous season review with Magdeburg and understand what is going on! If not I suggest you go take a read before going any further!

When I left you last I was sitting on a job offer and that was from Newcastle United. It took me 48 hours to decide on what I wanted to do and I’ve finally made a decision…..

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(FM20) Der Club – 2043/44 Season Review – Two Steps Backwards…

Welcome back to another season review with Magdeburg. After last season’s narrow miss on immediate promotion back to the Bundesliga this season takes on even more importance. My aims and objectives for this portion of save has completely gone out of the window. Remember back to my opening post when I joined Magdeburg? Well I said by Season 7 I wanted to be challenging for the Bundesliga, as I enter that season we are now just about challenging for promotion to that League!

This season has had some massive ups and some shocking downs and it ends with one major huge decision to make! #teaser

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Pre Season – 2021/22 Season

I believe the army lives by the motto of the 6 P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance, and that could very much be targeted towards our Pre Season.

I went into it with quite a scattergun approach to scouting players, which in reality overwhelmed our scouting team, meaning it took months to get reports on some players, despite me knowing the positions I needed to strengthen at the final whistle of the previous season.

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