The A-Z of Football Manager – Graphics

What’s this?! Something new on my blog? Well you’re totally correct!

Some of you who have followed me for a while will remember back in late 2018/early 2019 I started a series on my blog called “The A-Z of FM”. Well I got to the letter “F” and decided to stop it for a while, my love for blogging had slipped and I was struggling to think of ideas without pestering other content creators to help me write something up.

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FM Newby

European Road Trip S1 E1 – Fantasy Manager

Welcome back! And please welcome a new guest Blogger to the site, the nice guy of the FM Community @TheFmNewby

This is a Fake Blog documentary, narrated by James Sheath, “produced and written” by Steve Robbins and Alex Parkin

In this episode we’ll meet the manager we’re following, meet some of his players and back room staff and understand what goes into being a football manager…

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The A-Z of FM19 – Editor

Welcome back! So we are upto the letter E in the my A-Z series and once again I want to showcase someone in the FM Community. @thefmnewby is a really good mate of mine. He produces great content although a lot less regular than me!

For FM19 he has decided to take on the Hexagon Challenge and for this had to use the editor to add the New Zealand leagues and also add some extra leagues/nations to make it more exciting. So for E I want Martyn to talk to you a little about the editor.

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