Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Youth Prospects – 2021/22

One of the key club visions the board are keen for me to do is buy under 23s for the first team squad. Sounds a reasonable request right? However, with a budget of close to fuck all, it makes it hard to bring players in of that age that are ready for first team football when we are trying to cement ourselves as a Championship side.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Pre Season – 2021/22 Season

I believe the army lives by the motto of the 6 P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance, and that could very much be targeted towards our Pre Season.

I went into it with quite a scattergun approach to scouting players, which in reality overwhelmed our scouting team, meaning it took months to get reports on some players, despite me knowing the positions I needed to strengthen at the final whistle of the previous season.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Survival – 2020/21 End of Season

The last blog finished with us sitting 16th in the Championship, after some excellent January form saw us rise from 21st. Could we continue that form to solidify ourselves as a Championship team for next season?

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Coping with the step up – 2020/21 Mid Season

Boy it’s been a while since I wrote anything…good job nothing has happened in the world since.

You join us at the end of the January 2021 transfer window, which ended up being far more important than I hoped it would be.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Bringing through the youth

In the late 90’s to early 2000’s Ipswich Town developed a good reputation for bringing through promising young footballers. Kieran Dyer, Darren Ambrose and Darren Bent all came through and then went on to bigger clubs with varied success.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Back in the Championship – Pre Season 2020/21.

The final day league 1 win of course meant that we are back into the Championship. The board are asking that we fight bravely against relegation, but I honestly think we should stay up relatively easy, although I do not think we are close to threatening the play offs. So, let’s go through the new players who will hopefully increase our chances of staying up.

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