Kibworth Bull

Island of Sodor – 211 to 1

Please welcome the latest guest writer to the Lutterworth Fox empire. (James) Kibworth Bull is a YouTuber turned Blogger. A fantastic writer and I am delighted to add him to the team.

Background to the Save:

Database : With a lot of help and guidance from @thefmnewby, I have created a new nation called on the Island of Sodor – if you’ve ever watched Thomas the Tank Engine then this will be familiar to you, and if it’s known to you then I hope you said Island of Sodor in a scouse accent – my son is obsessed with Thomas so this seemed a fitting nation – I can’t blame him really as I am equally obsessed, and it also helps that the Wikipedia page has a rich historical story line already invented so it makes my fictional narrative a little bit sweeter. If you’re interested in following my save, then follow me on twitter and you’ll see a nice pinned post that has some old school power point graphics showing what’s going on.

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