The A-Z of FM19 – FM Creators

Welcome back to the sixth post in my A-Z series where in this post (F) I want to talk about something that I was a part of setting up and am now looking after, FM Creators.

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The A-Z of FM19 – Challenges

Welcome back to part three of my journey through the alphabet looking at FM19, today we are on “C” and seeing as I love a good challenge I thought it only right to take a look through some of my favourite FM challenges. So below you will see five challenges which for me are the most interesting and fun. Some are well known and some are ones of my own creation

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New FM19 Series Coming to NewgenFM

As my readers will know I have decided to end my “Acheivement Hunter” save on this blog due to the fact my gameplay is so quick it’s hard to stop and write season reviews without slowing me down.

Over the past month or so I have had an idea for my blog which doesn’t require any actual gameplay, something I can write as and when I get time and also write whilst I’m at work, as for some of it I don’t even need FM open!

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FM19 Tactic – My 41212 Narrow Diamond with Barry Town United

Welcome back to my Football Manager 2019 blog where in this post I’m going to write, for me something a little different. This will be a little review of the tactic I have built for Barry Town United, the first club in my main save this year “The Achievement Hunter”

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