New FM19 Series Coming to NewgenFM

As my readers will know I have decided to end my “Acheivement Hunter” save on this blog due to the fact my gameplay is so quick it’s hard to stop and write season reviews without slowing me down.

Over the past month or so I have had an idea for my blog which doesn’t require any actual gameplay, something I can write as and when I get time and also write whilst I’m at work, as for some of it I don’t even need FM open!

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(FM19) #7 – The Diary of Alex Cairns

Welcome back to Newgen News, we have now reached the end of the 2022/23 season, Hodlers second season in charge of the mighty “Accies”.

We are pleased to announce we have been given special access to view and publish extracts from one of Hodler’s new signing over the summer of 2022, Goalkeeper Alex Cairns. 

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(FM19) #6 – Hodler’s First Hamilton Season – A Fan’s View

Patrick Hodler’s first season with “The Accies” is over, the Swiss legend took over in the summer of ’21 with big ambitions but did he manage to fulfill what he set out to do?

NewGen News went out and about and met with three Hamilton fans who gave us their verdict on how they felt the season went.

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FM19 – The Achievement Hunter #5 – Hodler’s New Job


Patrick Hodler hasn’t wasted anytime in finding a new role after his dismissal from Barry Town United.

3 weeks have gone by since that fateful day where Hodler refused an emergency board meeting and was shown the door out of Jenner Park and since then he has received numerous offers around the footballing world.

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FM19 – The Achievement Hunter #4 – BREAKING NEWS




A troubling day here at Jenner Park has ended with Swiss Icon Patrick Hodler being relieved of his duties as Barry Town boss. Rumours have been circulating for a few weeks with regards to Hodler’s contract being up at the end of the season and that negotiations has fallen through, so for Hodler to leave wasn’t a shock, however for him to be sacked is nothing short of stunning.

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