(FM20) FK Haugesund Part Two – Squad Guide

Welcome back everyone! I have to admit I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a release of FM for a long while! The Beta has been brilliant so far and I’m buzzing to get going with this save. I’m really going to try and wait until full release!

So this is Part Two of my Haugesund guide, hopefully by now you will have read Part One where I talked about Haugesund the town, the club and also the Norwegian league and cup. In this part I want to take you through the squad I am inheriting at the start of the save.

This post will more than likely be over-laden with screenshots but I didn’t want to overload the first post so decided to separate it out into two parts.

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(FM20) FK Haugesund Part One – Club and League Guide

Hey all and welcome back to my FM20 blog where I’ll be attempting an updated version of my FM19 Achievement Hunter Challenge and an added extra challenge to go alongside it. If you haven’t already then go back and read the intro post which gives you all the info.

This post will be the first of two parts telling you a bit more about the club I’ll be starting the save with and that’s FK Haugesund in Norway. This part will talk about the club, the city, the expectations and vision and numerous other things to get you more acquainted with what lies ahead.

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A Goodbye to FM19 and my FM20 Save Reveal

Well hello there. That’s right the man formerly known as NewgenFM is back!

No no don’t stop reading just yet! I’ve been on a nice little hiatus for a few months, which I will discuss more further into this post. But all you need to know for now is I’M BACK.

This post is going to talk a little bit about my FM19 year and then I will be telling you about my FM20 plans, the save and which club I will be starting with (although if you want a TL:DR just look at the featured image on the blog!)


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The A-Z of FM19 – Challenges

Welcome back to part three of my journey through the alphabet looking at FM19, today we are on “C” and seeing as I love a good challenge I thought it only right to take a look through some of my favourite FM challenges. So below you will see five challenges which for me are the most interesting and fun. Some are well known and some are ones of my own creation

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