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Ipswich Town – Youth Prospects – 2021/22

One of the key club visions the board are keen for me to do is buy under 23s for the first team squad. Sounds a reasonable request right? However, with a budget of close to fuck all, it makes it hard to bring players in of that age that are ready for first team football when we are trying to cement ourselves as a Championship side.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Pre Season – 2021/22 Season

I believe the army lives by the motto of the 6 P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance, and that could very much be targeted towards our Pre Season.

I went into it with quite a scattergun approach to scouting players, which in reality overwhelmed our scouting team, meaning it took months to get reports on some players, despite me knowing the positions I needed to strengthen at the final whistle of the previous season.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Survival – 2020/21 End of Season

The last blog finished with us sitting 16th in the Championship, after some excellent January form saw us rise from 21st. Could we continue that form to solidify ourselves as a Championship team for next season?

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Coping with the step up – 2020/21 Mid Season

Boy it’s been a while since I wrote anything…good job nothing has happened in the world since.

You join us at the end of the January 2021 transfer window, which ended up being far more important than I hoped it would be.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Bringing through the youth

In the late 90’s to early 2000’s Ipswich Town developed a good reputation for bringing through promising young footballers. Kieran Dyer, Darren Ambrose and Darren Bent all came through and then went on to bigger clubs with varied success.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Back in the Championship – Pre Season 2020/21.

The final day league 1 win of course meant that we are back into the Championship. The board are asking that we fight bravely against relegation, but I honestly think we should stay up relatively easy, although I do not think we are close to threatening the play offs. So, let’s go through the new players who will hopefully increase our chances of staying up.

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Stopping the rot – Season 1 2019/20

Santa Claus was kind to me this Christmas, neatly depositing a copy of Football Manager under the tree. So, armed with the full game I abandoned the demo save with Notts County and went full steam ahead on a full save with Ipswich Town.

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Lewis Voce

Notts County – Day 1

Notts County are a football club with a terbulant recent past both on and off the pitch.

Off the pitch, it all started to unravel back in 2009. When Munto Finance bought the club and appointment Sven Goran Erikson as manager, the football world was jumping with excitement, however, what seemed too good to be true was simply that and Munto eventually sold to Ray Trew a year later who stayed in charge until stepping down in March 2016.

Enter, Alan Hardy. A local man who grew up a County fan, sounds perfect? Let’s just say that football ownership hit Hardy like a tonne of bricks, as constant bad decisions led to the Magpies dropping down the league’s and last year out of the football league entirely. Hardy ended up disgraced after a picture of his “delicates” ended up on twitter and eventually sold the club in the summer.

This is where the hope comes in, Hardy sold the club to Alexander and Christoffer Reeds, owners of football statistics/betting advice website Football Radar, and their is the intrigue, can a statistical approach pay dividends in non-league football?

I cannot confess to being too up to speed on how to play FM through a statistical model, but one thing the Reeds should be looking at is using that to an advantage through scouting, and that is more the approach I will take at the club, it may take a season or two, but eventually I want to be looking at bringing in underpriced assets from neighbouring areas (U23’s of other midland clubs), countries (Scotland and Ireland) and eventually the lesser fished waters in Europe that can provide value (such as Scandinavia and Eastern Europe).

So, what do we have to work with on day 1 at the club?

3 solid goalkeepers give us good depth in that area. Jake Kean is also our Goalkeeping Coach so will take up the 3rd choice role, whereas it looks like Sam Slocombe will be a clear number 1 going into the season.


Central defenders look decent but not a massive amount of depth. Turner is one of the best players at the club, Tomlinson looks solidly average and Bird has some decent attributes but lacks high mental attributes. We have good options in full back areas, with all players looking good enough for this level. Tootle may have to move on as I prefer the potential in the other two options, but for now, I may retrain him as a defensive midfielder.

We have plenty of combative midfielders, but maybe lack technical quality. My assistant fancies Michael Doyle as the best of the lot, at 37 he has great mental attributes and experience, but at that age, who knows how many games we will get out of him.

We are a bit short in quality on the wings, and that will be an area i strengthen, but Enzio Boldewijn is probably the best player we have, and if he has a good season, we should do well.

Four solid centre forward options give me plenty to think about up-front, where Wes Thomas probably looks the best of the pack with decent all round attributes for this level.

Overall, I’m happy with the squad. We definitely need a winger and maybe another centre back too, but early signs are good for a promotion push.


Lewis Voce

Re-joining the party…. Tentatively by Lewis Voce

Hey all! Now for something completely different on my blog. I’d like you to all welcome Lewis who will my first guest writer on the site talking about his FM20 experience. So for now a little intro from Lewis. I hope you enjoy!!

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