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Aim for the Stars, Hit Kabul

They say you should always start a save with a simple aim so…

Can you win the South Asian Champions League with only Afghan Nationals?

Easy yeah…

The basic FM19 Database can be found here – it’s one from FM Scout, and all I have made the following changes:

  • All Clubs are professional rather than amateur – this stops the merry go-round of players moving clubs every 5 minutes..
  • Adjust the season so it runs from January to June – 21 games instead of 14 games – this means there will not be a huge gap between games and aligns a bit more with the Asian Cups

The hardest part of the challenge is that no Afghan clubs currently qualify for the Champions League – we have to make do with the Asian Confederation Cup for now.. As long as we win the league..

I have used the Create a Club function and proudly launch the Afghan Hounds – the type of name that is amusing the first time you hear it and then becomes boring, kind of like my blogs..


Objectives and Basic Road Map:

  • Win the League and make our first steps into Continental Football
  • Get the League important enough so it has Champions League Football as an end goal!
  • Win the Champions League

There might be quite a jump between objectives 2 and 3..

Oh and we have 0 players to start with…

I’ve got a choice here where I can list out a screenshot of EVERY PLAYER that I recruited before the season started or just offer a link to the SI Forum where it’s listed.. I’ll be kind folks..

It’s worth having a glance through to see if you can spot a Central Defender with 2 Heading and 3 Marking

Untargetted and Mistake laden..

Once my scouts had actually watched some players

The stage just before the campaign begins and we realised where the missing links were.. Or PANIC!!!!!

So that’s the recruitment organised, fixtures are out and the only thing that is left to do is now play some football – the expectation is finish 8th out of 8.. The only guarantee I can make is a top 10 finish… The positive is that pre-season has been really good, with lots of goals and wins.. The negative is that we are playing some really bad sides..

Thanks for Reading..

Kibworth Bull

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