Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Mid Season Update – 2021/22

This season really had one achievement in mind, and that was to cement ourselves as a mid-table championship side without going near the relegation zone all year.

This looked to be quite a tough achievement if you go off the amount spent on wages. Our budgets are far far lower than the more recent Premier League sides at the top of this list, and 20th was also our media predicted finish. If we could bump that up to around 14th though, I would be very happy. So how did the league look as we crossed into 2022?

It’s fair to say, this is unexpected! We have been fantastic. Starting the season off on fire but I was aware at that point we had not played the better sides in the league at that point, but we continued to play excellently even when we came up against those!

As you can see, plenty of goals in these results. We have played some absolutely breathtaking football, by far the best I have played in years on Football Manager. I do however think we will struggle to maintain 2nd place! A play-off finish would be fantastic though, and then from there, who knows where we could end up!

Andre Dozzell continues to be an absolute dream. The perfect playmaker for me, consistently playing beautiful through balls to our wingers and striker.

Rhian Brewster was almost a last minute signing, but I have no idea how i would have coped without him so far. 15 in 23 is a fantastic return and he should easily reach 20-25 for the season.

Aristote Nsiala has been a slight suprise package for me, firmly my 2nd best centre back and someone I thought wouldn’t have too long left in my first team he has created a great partnership at the back with Ryan Bennett (Who is now club captain). 6 goals from centre back also shows how much of a threat he is from set pieces too!

Jack Clarke has also shown his worth on loan again, 7 in 20 is great from Right Wing. He continues to be either breathtaking or non-existent in matches but so far I cannot complain.

So, that wraps up our progress halfway through this season, and who knows, on the next blog there may even be surprise promotion news!

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