(FM20) Time To Move On…..But Where To?

So the time has come to leave Haugesund, if you have read my last post you will have heard my reasons why. I do this with a heavy heart, nearly every minute of the past 7 seasons have been brilliant but in the last campaign it started to go stale, boring you could say. I’m not one for standing still, my long term followers will know that so I’m sure most of you expected this! So its only a matter of weeks since leaving Norway and my plans to go to a non-European nation has happened and I have a new club far far away from Scandinavia!

But first, before revealing where I’m off to I’d like to take a little bit of your time to talk about my career at Haugesund. My word it’s been incredible!

In 7 seasons we have won so much. When I joined the club we had won no trophies with 3rd place in the league the highest finish and our best in the cup was runners-up. We leave the club with 5 Norwegian Cups, 4 Super Cups and 3 League Titles. This leaves me 2nd on the Norwegian Hall of Fame, a long long way behind Nils Arne Eggen who at his time at Rosenborg in the 70’s,90s and 00s (yes that’s right) had 14 league titles to his name and 1 league title in the 80s at Moss FK.

The game records are above and speak for themselves. 321 games, a 65% win percentage and averaging more than 2 goals per game. Stunning. I expected us to do well, I always do on FM but start winning so quickly was never on my remit.

We also managed to break numerous records, some part of the achievement hunter challenge, some not. The record transfers were smashed numerous times. My final signing of my time here (DM Valentin Antov) ended as my record purchase at £2.5m. My record sale was RWB Lovik who went to Arsenal for £9m.

We also broke our highest attendance (17,703) whilst ground sharing at Brann due to a stadium expansion.

For me the best record we broke was the record goalscorer, the record stood at 59 and it was broken firstly by Fred Friday and then by Oscar Aga who ends as the clubs record scorer with 77 goals. An amazing feat.

Talking of achievements, above is the current state of the challenge. I managed to tick off 13 achievements whilst here.

The other part of the save is the “All Nations Challenge” where I’m trying to get a player from every European nation to play a game, score a goal and get man of the match. With the squad rules in Norway it’s been a lot tougher than I expected!

So above is an overview of my 7 season at Haugesund. It’s been incredible, we have won so much but alongside that have also managed to improved the club as well. All the facilities have improved massively which makes our poor youth intakes even more frustrating!

We have also significantly improved the clubs finances, our balance ends just over £22m, a £20.5m increase from the start of the save. This has been helped due to the fact we got straight into the Champions League Group Stage for 2 seasons.

So my career at Haugesund is over, the final thing I want to do is tell you who my Best XI has been over my time here.

Goalkeeper – Alex Craninx – Signed in 2020 this guy has been brilliant. 231 appearances, consistently averaging just under 7 each season conceding 202 goals

Right Wing Back – Mikkel Desler – Here from the start and sold in 2023 after falling out of favour. A fantastic attacking wing back but also once we switched to 3 at the back very good defensively. 137 games, 7 goals and 12 assists averaging just over 7 nearly every season.

Left Wing Back – Adrian Pereira – One of my favourite signings. I struggled at LWB and this guy has been brilliant, The top assister for the past 3 seasons. 139 games, 16 goals and an amazing 53 assists.

Centre Back – Benjamin Hansen – Another player here from the start and left in 2025. 189 games, 19 goals!

Centre Back – Fredrik Knudsen – The only player to be here when I joined and still here when I left. 246 games, 19 goals and captain.

Centre Back – Ulrik Fredriksen – Signed in 2024 so only had 2 seasons with me but a quality signing. 86 games played, 6 goals.

Defensive Midfield – Markus Solbakken – An absolutely amazing signing back in 2023. Player of the season for 3 straight campaigns. 115 games played, 14 goals.

Central Midfield – Ylber Ramdani – Signed in 2021 for a stupidly low fee, at the time he was my best player and showed why. Fell out of favour and left in 2025. 139 games, 15 goals.

Central Midfield – Sondre Tronstad – Here from the start of sold at the start of the last season. Scored some really important goals, 184 games, 21 goals.

Striker – Fred Friday – Wow this guy has been brilliant. My first signing when I joined and all for no money. 272 games played and 105 goals.

Striker – Oscar Aga – And finally the man, the myth, the legend and club record league goalscorer. My 2nd signing at the club and all for £135k, this guy I’ll never forget, he is my Patrick Hodler from FM18! 202 games, 122 goals!

So there we go, it’s been emotional but all good things must come to end. I resigned and within weeks had job offers coming out of my ears but in my heart there was only one place I wanted to go and that was to Brazil!

I haven’t played here for a good few versions of FM and after seeing numerous people on Twitter playing here I had to follow suit. I had numerous offers but I wanted to give myself a little challenge, something to build on. So here we go! You know I’m off to Brazil, but where?

If you don’t know the logo above don’t worry I didn’t either!

The club I’m going to is Clube Athletico Paranaense!

I have to say I am so excited for this but I’m sure you’re wondering why Paranaense! Well it’s simple, its not one of the huge clubs in Brazil, also they have never won the Copa Liberatadores as well which, in my achievement hunter save would tick off the “Win Champions League with a new club” achievement. BUT they have a quality looking side and in my opinion have a chance of upsetting the apple cart straight away.

They were forecast to end 5th last season but ended 11th meaning their manager got the boot. The expectations aren’t really high for the opening season but we are into the Copa Sudamericana which is the Europa League of South America. I fully expect with the squad we have we can be challenging for the top 3 or 4 in the League.

I could’ve easily taken over one of the massive clubs and won the Copa Libertadores in the first season but I don’t want that. Once I win that competition I will probably end up leaving Brazil, my aim in the continents outside of Europe is to just tick off the Champions League Achievement and look to move on, at Paranaense this won’t happen in 1 or 2 seasons, it will more than likely take 3 or 4 seasons to do this. Along the way I have other achievements I want to tick off, one of them being an unbeaten league campaign, we are by far the best team in the state championships so should easily do that! So my achievement objectives I’d like to tick off are:

  • 20 wins in a row
  • 50 games unbeaten
  • Win Copa Libertadores
  • Win Champions League with a new team
  • Win Continental Player of the Year
  • Win Club World Cup
  • Invincible League Campaign

I also won’t leave here until I win Serie A, the main Brazilian league, although this on it’s own isn’t an achievement it does tick off 1 league in the “Win 5 different top leagues” achievement.

So a few to do but I’m confident, especially with the state championships that we can achieve all of these within 4-5 seasons, maybe 6 at a push!

Anyway enough rambling. Let’s take a look at the club:

So a club with very little major trophies won. One Serie A title way back in 2001 and One Sudamericana in 2018. Other than that their other competition wins are in the Parana State Championships where they have won the last 8 titles and 31 overall.

We have a little bit of work to do on the facilities if we are to improve those academy players. Adequate Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment needs increasing. Although due to me not planning on hanging around for ages this won’t be at the forefront of my mind.

Strangely enough the board class the main league competition as “Not Important”!!! In the other comps we are expected to challenge, we need to reach the Semis of the Brazil Cup, win the Parana State Championship and reach the final of the Copa Sudamericana! Tough!

So finally let’s take a look at the players I have at my disposal:

The First Team

For a campaign which could tally up to nearly 70 games we have a very small first team squad but we have some really decent quality players. I can see why we are expected to end 5th in the league.

Cleverson in my opinion is my best player. A quality looking Striker who has everything to play as either an advanced forward or as I much prefer a pressing forward.

Rony Kleina is the highest rated player in my squad, is more suited to play as a right midfielder but can also play as a right winger. This means I’m going to have to move away from my 532 formation to make sure he fits into the team.

And then there’s the wonderfully named Fugi! A play-making midfielder who looks incredible, just look at those physicals! He will be the lynch-pin of my team.

So we have some really good forward players but defensively we are lacking numbers and quality, this is where I’ll be looking to strengthen straight the way

The Reserves

With a thin first team we need to make sure we have quality in reserve and we have a couple of half decent players who may move up. As for the youth team there is no one worthy of looking at!

So there’s a very short look at my new club. In my first season review I will take a closer look at the squad, my signings and my tactics.

I hope you enjoyed the read and are as excited as I am for my new move!

Thanks for reading


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