Hey all! Now for something completely different on my blog. I’d like you to all welcome Lewis who will my first guest writer on the site talking about his FM20 experience. So for now a little intro from Lewis. I hope you enjoy!!

Just what the world needs, another person writing the most basic of Football Manager blogs, already destined to get fed up by January.

Still, here we are, as you spend the entire summer/autumn losing interest in the game, entertaining the thoughts of not even bothering with the latest Sports Interactive offerings. Maybe I’ll read a book instead, or learn a language, like one of those roll neck wearing, red wine drinking – intellectuals…Yes!..I’ll become a complete and utter wanker!

But then, a new season starts, the adverts show up on twitter, Miles is tweeting about how they’ve made such great progress to a clubs long term vision (please, I’m usually sacked by month 3!), Everyone shares save ideas and like a junkie with itching veins you’re pulled back in.

I’d love to be the kind of guy who can plan a 10-20 year save, but there is just no chance I will play that much, so I’m going back to how I used to play the game, no great plan, just pick a team slightly lower in the pyramid than they should be and see how it goes.

This year is a strange one for me personally (in a wonderful way), I will soon be moving into my first home, and I’m getting married in June, so there’s a chance I will have no time to play at all (and with that in mind I have only downloaded the Demo for now), however there’s also plenty of chance I’ll find myself with decent time to play, hour long lunch breaks at work will definitely help with that and any blogging.

So, all that’s left is the grand announcement of where I will start the journey, and, I am staying in my native England, just up the A46 from my home city of Leicester at the oldest professional football club in the world…Notts County.


Recent ownership changes and relegation to the National League make this a perfect candidate to a more laid back save, of which I will discuss at more length during the next blog….providing I’ve kept interest in the mean time!

I hope you enjoyed the little intro from Lewis, if you want to follow him on Twitter you can find him @lewisvoce5.