Welcome back everyone! I have to admit I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a release of FM for a long while! The Beta has been brilliant so far and I’m buzzing to get going with this save. I’m really going to try and wait until full release!

So this is Part Two of my Haugesund guide, hopefully by now you will have read Part One where I talked about Haugesund the town, the club and also the Norwegian league and cup. In this part I want to take you through the squad I am inheriting at the start of the save.

This post will more than likely be over-laden with screenshots but I didn’t want to overload the first post so decided to separate it out into two parts.

The Goalies

By the looks of it I have two evenly matched Goalkeepers. There really is nothing to choose between them. Personally just going on attributes I’d be more inclined to play Sandvik but I will look to give each GK the opportunity in pre-season.

The Full Backs

Only one proper Right Back in the squad, fortunately he looks quality for this level. Everything I want in an attacking full back. I will show my tactic at the end of the post but my hope is for my full backs to get forward and support the attacks. Desler is as much a natural on the RW and offers versatility all over the park.

Three amazingly good Left Backs. It is going to be very very hard to choose who I make my first choice. Stolas is the highest rated out of the three and has the attacking attributes and PPMs to compliment my tactic, Nilsen can also play Central Midfield but as you will see later I have a LOT of CMs!

The Central Defenders

One of the areas we are quite short in. Only three CBs in the first team squad. I always look for Positioning, Heading, Marking and Tackling for my CBs. At this level I’m looking for 12-13/20 in these attributes and only Knudsen falls underneath this for his positioning. I will more than likely be looking to add a fourth CB to the ranks but only a fringe or squad player.

The Central Midfielders

As we have seven central midfielders to look through I’m going to look at them individually!

Tronstad is the highest rated CM we have and as an added luxury can also play as a RM and as a DM. I will be looking to employ a “Fluid Counter-Attacking” style and Tronstad will be the lynchpin of that. A quality playmaker controlling the centre of the park.

36 year-old Grondheim is more than likely not going to play much, he lacks the physical attributes I want in the midfield but will be an important player to have around the squad, helping out mentoring and bringing through the next generation.

Pedersen is probably my poorest CM but saying that has some good attributes, he is hard working and brave but lacks the passing and technical skill. I may look at employing him as a DM to marshal the defence and just get the ball to our more creative players.

Cape Verde international Bruno Leite looks brilliant, his decision making and anticipation could be better but hopefully some individual training and mentoring will help increase that. His physical attributes are quality and he has the teamwork and work rate to become a mainstay in my midfield.

Another decent looking midfielder. Sandberg needs some work on his physical attributes but has the highest passing attribute in the midfield and also has good long shots, something that seems rather OP so far on FM20!

Krygard is probably the highest rated “prospect” I have and he already looks like he could be in and around my first team. With so many midfielders it may be hard for him this season meaning I may look to loan him out to give him first team experience.

And finally is young Nigerian midfielder Anthony Ikedi. Another player with good all round attributes but again needs work in some areas, especially his mental attributes. My plan for him is to get him training as a DM.

The Wide Men

Only three wide men which is a worry as I want to play a 41221 formation. Velde is young and raw and needs a lot of work meaning I may have to look to bring an extra wide man in. But Wadji and Kallevag look really good. Two totally different players which should be good for my tactic. On the right side with Wadji you have pace and flair, an out and out winger, whereas on the left you have Kallevag, playing as an IF or IW, cutting inside and creating chances in a totally different way. These two look exciting but I do need to bring in some back-ups.

The Strikers

And now we come to the Strikers, the men we hope can grab the goals! I have to say we look very short of quality forwards. Endersen is only 16 and nowhere near good enough yet. This leaves us with Kone and Ibrahim, I’m really not sure about Kone, his mental attributes average around 9 which is not good enough. Ibrahim as well has some poor mentals. Alongside a CB and a Winger I desperately need a new forward!

The Reserves/U18’s


Above are all the players I have in reserve and it’s not good. I’ve looked through them all and not one catches the eye! Once I get my signings in and I gain the boards faith the next thing I’ll be doing is looking to improve the youth recruitment and coaching. We need to start producing our own players.

The Tactic

Below is the tactic I am looking to employ. I’ve said it before I am not good at creating tactics but I do feel this formation and style suits our players, I tested it on FM19 with Haugesund for a couple of games and it seemed to work well, the one issue was the Striker, we really need someone a lot better than what we have.

So a 41221, attacking full backs to assist in our forward play, a DM chaperoning the CBs and in front of him is a B2B and RPM. The RPM I’m not 100% on yet but I feel Tronstad can perform this role well. I’ll be looking to play fluid counter. Sit back, soak up the pressure then hit them on the break. Will it work? Only time will tell!

The Plan

So you know about the club and the league. Now I hope you know a little bit about the squad I have at my disposal, the quality players and also where the gaps are.

So looking forward I wanted to set myself some sort of plan.

In the previous post I put the vision the board want me to adhere to but for this I want to show it again.

The boards “5 year plan” in my opinion is way too low! They just want me to be in the top half and that’s it. I have much higher hopes than that! We are expected to be near the bottom end of the table this season but I hope in 5 seasons we can have a title under our belt. So here is my 5 year plan:

  • Season One – Mid Table and have a semi-decent cup run
  • Season Two – Be pushing the Top 6, the Top 3 get European Qualification, I want to be close to that. A good cup run.
  • Season Three – End in the Top 3 and gain European Qualification. Try and win the Norwegian Cup.
  • Season Four – A title challenge, with European Qualification I want to get to at least the playoff round. Win the Norwegian Cup.
  • Season Five – Win the League, Get into the Group Stage of a European Competition. Win the Norwegian Cup.

Some big ambitions but I feel we can do it. Europe will be a massive factor as it gives us some much needed extra income. The squad needs improving first and once that’s sorted we need to get improving our facilities using the prize money we collect along the way.

Obviously I have everyone’s favourite (or not) Achievement Hunter challenge to do whilst playing this save but I’ll go through this as and when I tick something off. Alongside that I have “The Parkin Challenge” where I need to have a player from every European Nation score a goal and get MOTM for me. This is kind of a side challenge for me and will only be mentioned sporadically!

I have a Google Spreadsheet which is tracking the challenges and also my journey so if you want to keep up to date take a look and bookmark it.


Anyway that’s enough from me for now. Thanks for reading and speak to you soon