The A-Z of FM19 – FM Creators

Welcome back to the sixth post in my A-Z series where in this post (F) I want to talk about something that I was a part of setting up and am now looking after, FM Creators.

FM Creators came about around 18 months ago now when I set up a Twitter chat with a few newer creators in the hope it would get a little group of us to support, promote and help each other. After a few short months it was decided to open an FM Creators Discord and Twitter. In the 18 months since the accounts have had their ups and downs, and in the main has been very slow, mainly because of personal reasons with the admins.

In this time Discord has exploded and there are so many newer and more popular Discords around. FM Creators has kind of stagnated in this time and I have been really trying to find a way to increase it’s popularity and busy-ness.

FM Creators had one main rule when it opened, there are no rules, and by that mean people don’t need to be active, they don’t need to post so many comments every week to be able to promote their content. This was made for people to get their content out their to help increase their stature in the FM Community and hopefully improve what they do as they go.

This is still the case and I’m proud to say that even with “no rules” there has never been any issues and although very quiet people still post their content and seem to enjoy the philosophy around it.

In the past 2 months there has been a change in the admins on the Discord due to the older admins either having real life stuff to deal with or becoming inactive.

So below are the new admins of the Discord, please make sure you go over and check out their work

@dazzafm – https://twitter.com/DazzaFM


@fmgizzmo – https://twitter.com/FMGizzmo

@mikaelinho – https://twitter.com/MikaelinhoFM

The Discord is having one of it’s lulls at the moment but I am determined, alongside the admins to start pushing it in the right direction. We are always open for ideas to make it a more fun and interesting place to spend time so if you have any ideas then please drop a comment or DM me on twitter @newgenfm

Finally here is the link to the Discord, everybody is welcome, it really is a nice place to be, everyone is really friendly and helpful


I hope you enjoyed the short post, FM Creators is something I’m incredibly passionate about and I’m please to have been “handed the keys” to the Discord. Like I say ideas are always welcomed.

Thanks for reading

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