Welcome back! So we are upto the letter E in the my A-Z series and once again I want to showcase someone in the FM Community. @thefmnewby is a really good mate of mine. He produces great content although a lot less regular than me!

For FM19 he has decided to take on the Hexagon Challenge and for this had to use the editor to add the New Zealand leagues and also add some extra leagues/nations to make it more exciting. So for E I want Martyn to talk to you a little about the editor.

Hello and welcome to my poorly spelt and shoddy attempt to bring you some sort of half-decent FM content. If you’re thinking “That intro sounds familiar” then you will recognise me as The FM Newby, the very part time blogger. Now Mr Newgen has asked me to write a small piece on what he thinks is my speciality.

My save this year was originally based around the Hexagon challenge, although has now included Newgen’s achievement hunter challenge. Due to the nature of the Hexagon challenge, the need for additional leagues is apparent. So I was faced with a choice: delay my save until the leagues were available, or attempt to make the leagues myself. So to the Editor!
With the Hexagon Challenge, I need to start in Oceania somewhere. So I planned to start in New Zealand with Auckland. So I’m going to briefly show you how to add new leagues to the game using the pre-game editor.

Here’s where we start, under the Rules menu within the Editor. The three options give you opportunity to change the following:
⦁ Add Nation Rules – Add rules for competitions in individual nations
⦁ All Continental Team Rules – Revamp or edit competitions for continents such as the Champions League
⦁ Add International Rules – Revamp, edit or create competitions for International Teams

Later on we’ll quickly look at adding leagues to nations already currently in Football Manager. Firstly we’ll look at a brand new nation. In this case, Japan!

These are the two screens you’ll be faced with upon selecting a new nation, like Japan. At this point, the main things to do are select what nation you need, the season update date and what dates the season starts and ends on. Simples!

Upon completion of those three things, you’ll end up here. DO NOT assume that if you leave the Transfer Windows blank that they will automatically follow the standard Transfer Window dates. You will need to enter these manually. These are easily found via the inter web if need be.

After the transfer window is completed, the divisions need to be added. It is CRUCIAL that before you attempt to add all the divisions into the database, you know exactly what the league structure is. It can become immensely complicated if you don’t know the structure of the league.

And this is why you need to know the structure of the league. You are required to manually enter each division you want, including any sub-divisions that are included. Select whichever one you require to continue.

Selecting a Single Division will see you continue to this screen. Very simply, the drop down menu will provide you with a list of leagues for that nation, you just need to select which one you want at this particular moment.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that we have skipped a step. Step 3 of 4 is where you would select the individual sub-divisions for the parent competition. Still following me? Excellent, we’ll press on. Step 4 of 4 will determine the rules of that particular division, including number of rounds and how many substitutions are allowed. If you’re dealing with sub-divisions, make sure you set the number of promotion and relegation places to zero, as this menu will give you the overall number of promotion and relegation places. You will need to go into each league and individually determine how many promotion and relegation places there are for that league.

Adding cups to a nation is a similar process. Just select the leagues that are eligible for the cup and once again the settings for the cup. Also adding reserve and youth leagues to the nation are done at a couple of clicks.
The best piece of advice I can give you would be to set up a league like this, then go and explore the editor. Converting to advanced rules opens up a whole new can of worms, but if you get it right, it’s extremely rewarding. Make sure you save often and test the rules often to know which ones are holding the database back. If you need any more help, feel free to DM me on Twitter or speak to another of the great editor gurus out there, like wtfgaming, thefmeditor or acidphire. They know even more than I do!

Finally before I go, I’m just going to say thank you to Newgen for allowing me to contribute to his series. I’m fairly new to the blogging scene and he’s shown great trust in me to write this piece. I just hope it’s up to his standard! You can find me on twitter and at my blog, www.thefmnewby.wordpress.com. I’m sure we’ll speak again, but in the meantime Happy FM-ing everyone!

So there you go, a lovely insight into the working of the editor. I for one find the whole thing very confusing so it’s nice to have someone who understands the working even if this years version seems to be a little more difficult to get working.

Make sure you go over and give Martyn a follow on Twitter @thefmnewby and also go and check his blog which he has linked above

Thanks for reading!