The A-Z of FM19 – DazzaFM

Welcome back! So in my A-Z series my ideas are along the way to showcase some of my fellow FM creators. In B I asked a few people to give you some tips about blogging and in D I have decided to dedicate this specifically to one person.

Daryl has been one of my closest friends in the FM world, he has my back and I have his. Over the past 12 months Daz as he likes to be called has moved from YouTube and Streaming to become an FM Blogger. So please welcome Daz, make sure you give him a follow!


Hello, I’m DazzaFM, a Football Manager blogger with a huge passion in what I do. I have been producing content in many formats for 3 years now and these last few months stumbled across blogging thanks to NewgenFM.  Since writing my first ever written piece on Football Manager I knew blogging was the way forward so I stopped YouTube and streaming to put more time into my WordPress site.

I produce save updates and tactical pieces over on my site and I love writing both, my current save is over in Argentina with Velez. A South American save was at the back of my mind when coming into Football Manager 2019 but what a decision it was, it’s already becoming one of my favourites saves in FM. I’m currently about to start season 5 with Velez and had an up and down ride to get to where we are now. I have played Football Manager since the very first series was out and haven’t really stopped since. I’m used to saves in Europe in the smaller leagues such as Denmark and Austria etc, so going to Argentina was a big decision. Managing in Argentina is absolutely amazing and has even given me the urge to watch matches from the Argentinian league and the football over there is great to watch, something different to the Premier League and what I’m used to it was refreshing. 

In recent years I have started playing FM in a lot more in-depth due to the game evolving at a rapid rate, now I do everything myself and give my Assistant Manager an easy ride. I have now started writing about how I play the game and what tactics I like and how they work. Last week I produced my first ever tactical piece and writing it was the most enjoyment I have had, don’t get me wrong I love writing updates but something about writing about how I play the game and opening my tactical mind for everyone is something I absolutely love. I will be doing this type of writing a lot more over the coming months as my first piece get amazing feedback much better than I ever could imagine. I want to do articles on my training schedules and how I run my weekly training calendar. I have a few more tactical ideas I want to showcase and let other people try them, hoping they get the successes I get. I just want to add I have never claimed I’m the best at tactics or FM in general but if it can help anyone then great and I love writing about it.

I’m also the manager of the talented blog team for FM-base alongside running the FM creators with Newgen which is growing well and a great place to bounce ideas off other creators, even link up for some collaborations with other FM creators. I have made a huge number of friends through the FM community and it’s been brilliant sharing my passion with FM with others. I want to thank Newgen for bringing me into the Football manager community three years ago and helping me daily with blogging and listening to my ideas. 

I’m expecting TWINS in early February but I’m hoping to plan and have stuff ready to release over this hectic time of my life, which I can’t wait for. I may disappear for a week here and there but it will be due to the new lifestyle I need to get used to so please bear with me. 

Just before I leave you I just want to say a huge thank you to Newgen for giving me the opportunity in partaking in his amazing A-Z series. Newgen is the reason I write about Football Manager and couldn’t thank him more and his content is one of the best I have come across in the FM blogging world. 

Thank you for reading. 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DazzaFM

WordPress – https://dazzafm.wordpress.com/

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