The A-Z of FM19 – Challenges

Welcome back to part three of my journey through the alphabet looking at FM19, today we are on “C” and seeing as I love a good challenge I thought it only right to take a look through some of my favourite FM challenges. So below you will see five challenges which for me are the most interesting and fun. Some are well known and some are ones of my own creation

The Pentagon Challenge

I would say that this challenge is by far one of the most widely know. The “Pentagon” part is relating to the five continents available to play in on FM. The challenge is to win the Champions League torunament in each of the five continents.

These are:

  • UEFA European Champions League
  • Asian Champions League
  • African Champions League
  • Copa Libertadores
  • CONCACAF Champions League

The rules are simple:

  • Start Unemployed
  • No Coaching Badges
  • Sunday League Reputation
  • Attribute Masking ON to make it even tougher

You can start wherever you want but I suggest loading the leagues where you will find a job easiest, as FM has evolved so has to ability to get a job and in this version it is even harder. For a start you will be looking at leagues in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc), don’t expect a top Chinese job as you will have no chance.

You then work your way up the ladder, making sure you get the board to get you learning coaching badges along the way to increase your ability to be more attractive to other clubs.

The Alphabet Challenge

Image result for alphabet

Quite apt I’m talking about the Alphabet in this series!

The Alphabet Challenge is simple, you start with the “A” nations, win the league (and cup if you want to make it harder), once all “A” nations are complete you move to “B”, then “C” and so on, ending in the wonderful land of Wales as you last port of call. 

This for me is one of the hardest challenge you will undertake, you are looking at 70-80 seasons to complete so it would need to span a long time or you play very quickly. 

Here are the rules you will need to adhere to at the start.

  • No Coaching Badges
  • Sunday League Reputation
  • Attribute Masking is at your discretion

Now for how you start the save and what club you start with.

When the challenge first came about the was solely based around Europe so the challenger would always start in Austria, the plan was to start with the lowest ranked club in Austria and then move from there.

As this challenge has grown and developed into a “Worldwide” idea the plan now is to start unemployed and see what job you get. As I mentioned previously getting a job in FM is very hard now, so if I was to start this challenge I would choose the lowest ranked club in either Austria, Australia or Argentina, obviously Australia only has the A-League and with no rep or coaching badges I don’t think you would get given much time before being sacked if you start poorly.

The Ultimate Manager Challenge


The UMC has been around for a few years, mainly on the SI Forums and is one of the toughest challenge to complete, it is a spawn of the Pentagon Challenge with many extras on top. You have to win:

10 Leagues 

  • La Liga (Spain) 
  • Premier League (England) 
  • Bundesliga (Germany) 
  • Ligue 1 (France) 
  • Serie A (Italy) 

5 Champions Leagues 

  • Champions League (Europe) 
  • Champions League (Asia) 
  • Copa Libertadores (South America) 
  • NACL (North American Champions League) 
  • ACL (Africa Champions League) 

7 International Tournaments 

  • UEFA Euros (Europe) 
  • AFC (Asian Cup Of Nations) 
  • Copa America (South America) 
  • Gold Cup (North America) 
  • ACON (African Cup Of Nations)<Not the African Championship of Nations – CHAN
  • FIFA World Cup Confederations Cup 

11 Others 

  • Domestic Cups from 10 separate nations required (where top level teams can enter) 
  • FIFA Club World Cup

This is clearly a monumental challenge, 33 different competitions to win with both club and country.

The rules to start with are:

  • Start unemployed
  • You manager has to be 20 years old
  • No Coaching Badges
  • Sunday League Reputation
  • Attribute Masking ON

Again, like the Pentagon challenge getting a job will be very tough so I would suggest starting in Asia and moving from there as your reputation grows. I also suggest getting an International job as soon as possible to increase your reputation further.

Now for two challenge made by myself

The Hall of Fame Challenge

My main challenge on FM18 and one of the most enjoyable I have done.

The challenge revolves around the Hall of Fames within the game. If you click the “FM” button and select Hall of Fame you will see a whole raft of them, from the Worldwide HOF, to Continental, to Nations and Nationality.

The challenge can really be anything you want to make it but I set myself these goals:

  • Top of many Nations Hall of Fame
  • Top my Nationality Hall of Fame (English)
  • Top the European Hall of Fame
  • Top the Worldwide Hall of Fame

The rules I set myself were simple:

  • Choose a club to start with, this can be anywhere and anyone you want.
  • Choose you Badges and Rep to suit the club you have started with
  • Attribute Masking ON 

Very simple but very enjoyable.

If you want to check out my Hall of FM-ame series then click here

The Achievement Hunter Challenge

And finally the save I am doing for FM19.

As the title suggest the challenge revolves around a set of achievements. I’ve always hated the Steam ones, I mean who wants an achievement for posting on Twitter? So I decided to create my own set of achievements to aim for, this has now grown and I have 10 other people joining me in the challenge!

The rules for this are:

  • Start with a club of your choice.
  • Match the Badges and Reputation to suit the club your at.

Simple as that.

The achievement I set myself are as follows:

Quite a few but I would say all of the are “achievable”! If you want to see more about this save then check out my opening post here

You can also follow my journey on my Twitter account @newgenfm 

So there you go, 5 challenges for you to get stuck into, if you want anymore details on what I have spoke about then please comment or DM me on Twitter, also if you are doing one of these challenges and are going to start then let me know how you are getting on!

Thanks for reading


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