The A-Z of FM19 – Austria

Welcome to the “A-Z of FM” and as you would all expect we are starting with A! Many of you who have followed me for a while will know I have had some brilliant saves in Austria, I took charge of Austria Salzburg back in FM15 on my Alphabet Challenge and won the Premier Division in 5 seasons. Then on FM18 Rapid Wien were part of my “Hall of FM-ame” challenge, I had 10 amazing seasons there winning lots of lots of silverware! 

So when I thought about what to write for A there was only one choice, it had to be Austria. So here is my guide to the Austrian Leagues and the Austrian National Team.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, some people may disagree with my thoughts but this post is how I feel about the Austrian leagues.

Nation Co-efficient and League Rankings

First up let’s take a look at the Nations Co-efficient and League rankings.

Austrian teams do tend to do relatively decent in European competitions and are ranked relatively high up for a smaller nation in 14th

The Austrian Premier League is one of the higher ranked leagues in Europe at 11th and the Austrian First Division is 36th. So both leagues are of pretty decent quality.

The Austrian Leagues

In FM there are two playable leagues in Austria, the Premier Division and the First Division. In the 2018/19 season there was a major restructure of the Austrian Leagues with the Premier Division expanding from 10-12 teams and the First Division from 10 to 16. 

As you can see below it is pretty tough to go up to the Premier Division with only 1 promotion spot available.


Now to the league rules, first up the Premier Division, 12 teams play each other twice so a combined 22 games, at this point the league splits into 2 groups – a 6 team championship group and a 6 team relegation group.

As you can see above the league restricts each team from a maximum of 7 Non-EU players in their squad and they are only allowed to spend 50% of their turnover on wages.

So the top 6 teams enter the Championship Group where each team will play each other twice again, meaning a total of 32 games through the season. The big thing after the split is everyone’s points tally gets cut in half, this could be massive if you are playing here as a 10 points advantage at the top would mean only a 5 point gap after the split!

At the end of the season the top 4 teams in this group qualify for Europe, 1st place gets a “Champions Playoff Spot” meaning only 1 round before the group stage, 2nd place gets entered into the Second Qualifying Stage meaning 3 rounds before the groups. 3rd and 4th both go into the Europa League, 3rd straight into the Groups and 4th in the 3rd Qualifying Round.

The final European spot gets decided by a European Playoff between 5th, 6th and the team top of Relegation Group.

Apart from the European spot for ending top of the relegation group the only other thing is who goes down, this is the team who ends last (obviously) but like the championship group the points gets halved after the split.

Now to the First Division, 16 teams play each other twice so 30 games, no split, no half points just a straight forward league season. 

The top team gets promoted and the bottom 3 teams get relegated, the only stipulation in this league is “B” teams cannot be promoted.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the Austrian Premier Division records.

The most successful team in Austria is Rapid Wien (Vienna) winning 32 times, there last win being in 2007/08. Since then it has been a mainly Red Bull dominated , i’ll go onto this more later.

A lot of the team records have stood for a long time, record win (21-0) from 1941, most wins in 1995/96, and many more. There are some good records to chase here, most games without losing is only 41, most wins in a row (14), games without conceding (11) are achievable targets.

The 2018/19 Season Participants

So let’s take a look at the leading contenders for the first season on FM.

So it looks like a 4-horse race doesn’t it. It’s surprising to see Sturm Graz with that short odds but the big 3 are the top 3. Red Bull Salzburg have won the last 5 league titles and with the Red Bull backing they have money to burn as well. It will be a tough ask toppling them but as you can see the odds aren’t as far apart as you would expect.

The First Division favourites are Young Violets, these are the Austria Wien B Team so even if they do win the league cannot go up. Under them there are 3 teams in with a shout, SV Reid, Wiener Neustadt and Liefering are all good shouts for promotion in the first season.


Now the cups, or in Austria that is cup singular. The only trophy is the Austrian Cup which is a straight knockout starting with 64 teams in Round 1, all 1-legged ties and ending with a final played at the end of the domestic season.

The Teams

Now let’s take a look at some of the teams in the Premier Division.

Rapid Wien

  • Transfer Budget – £258,000-£303,000
  • Wage Budget – £369,033 per week
  • Board Expectations – Around Top of the League

As mentioned previously Rapid are the most successful team in Austria but in previous years have been pushed aside by Red Bull Salzburg. The have a great footing to challenge once again but their main downfall is their youth facilities which are only 1.5*.

Red Bull Salzburg

  • Transfer Budget – £7,180,000-£7,730,000
  • Wage Budget – £499,525 per week
  • Board Expectations – League Winner

The runaway team in Austria currently, with backing of the “Red Bull” franchise they have invested and are now by far the best team in the league.

For me if you want it easy then start with these but taking over another club in this is a great challenge when you have a team far and above anyone else. 

Austria Wien

  • Transfer Budget – £143,000-£173,000
  • Wage Budget – £251,452 per week
  • Board Expectations – Around Top of the League

The second Vienna team and with Rapid winning a lot lot more starting with these would make for a great challenge, for two reasons. Toppling Red Bull and also trying to beat the number of titles Rapid have.

They have much better youth facilities than Rapid so building a team of quality Newgens could also be doable here.

Now for a couple of lower teams in the league


  • Transfer Budget – £0
  • Wage Budget – £83,000 per week
  • Board Expectations – Mid-Table

In my FM 18 save with Rapid these were the biggest challengers, mainly because they gained a tycoon owner. They were the bane of my life and even did well in European comps during the game. 

They clearly have the potential to become a bigger club but it would take time especially with the other three teams having much bigger muscle.


Sturm Graz

  • Transfer Budget – £9,460,000-£14,760,000
  • Wage Budget – £132,760 per week
  • Board Expectations – Around Top of the League

Ranked as the 4th best team in Austria Sturm Graz they last won the league in 2011, the 3rd of their titles after winning in 1998 and 1999. 

The good thing with Sturm Graz is their facilities, 4* Youth is fantastic and gives you good hope to build something really good if you have patience. They also have the biggest budgets in the league.

 The Top Players 

Let’s take a look at some of the big players in Austria. As you expect it is dominated by Red Bull Players.

Munas Dabbur

The Israeli international Striker is the most valuable player in the league at £10.25m and is quality for this level. If you take control of any other team he is the man you want to shut down in front of goal.

Diadie Samassekou

Another Red Bull player and a quality DM. His mentals are fantastic, he is also strong and can pass a ball. And at 22 can only improve.

Stefan Lainer

Yep Red Bull once again. The 25 year old Right Back is one of the best Austrian players in the division, he has been at Red Bull since he was 18 and looks amazing.


Hannes Wolf

The young AM is one of the biggest prospects in Austria at the moment and I actually read an article a few days ago about some of the European elite looking at him in real life.

The National Team

I’ve always been fascinated by the Austrian National Team, for me they have a really good team but never seem to do anything in the big competitions.

Austria is currently ranked (in-game) 24th in the world, below Tunisia, Peru, and mainly others. This is very low for such a decent team

As you can see below their trophy cabinet isn’t very fill! A 3rd place finish in the 1954 World Cup and Runner Up in the 1936 Olympics. Not very good!

Another terrible stat is the last time they qualified for the World Cup was 1998 where went out in the Group Stage.

Taking control of Austria would be an amazing challenge, can you get them back into the big time and and win some silverware?!

Below is the current squad (in-game – July 2018_, and for me they have an amazing squad, some big names there including Dragovic (ex-Leicester loanee), Prodl, Alaba, Arnautovic, and Bristol City’s own Andreas Wiemann!

As you can see they have such a good footing to qualify for future competitions starting with Euro 2020 and the Nations League where they are in Division B.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and most of all I hope it has given you an insight into the Austrian League. I would love to hear from anyone who has played there or is now interested in starting in Austria.

Next up will be “B”, what could it be? Belgium….definitely not! Big Boys? I can’t talk about me all the time! Stay tuned to find out!


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