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My Football Manager 2019 Plans – New challenge, club reveal and an extra twist

Well hello there and welcome back to my Football Manager blog. I’ve had a little hiatus over the past few months due to a relocation and new job, things have now settled down just in time for the much anticipated release of FM19.

With the Beta release only a few weeks away and some news slowly coming out about the new game I thought it now a good time to let you know my plans.

After an amazing save on FM18 where I attempted my own challenge “The Hall of FM-ame” I have big expectations that my FM19 save can be just as good, I managed around 45 seasons on my save and although the Hall of Fame idea finished earlier than that (alongside the blog after 30 seasons) I continued that save on in my own time and had just as much fun.

So what am I planning for FM19? Well I have created my own little challenge, and with thanks to some lovely members of the FM community who I sounded out and got some advice from I think I have come up with a really good idea for the next version of the game.

So welcome to…….


So I’m guessing from the title you know my general idea but let me give you a bit more information.

One thing that’s always bugged me on FM has been the state of the Steam Achievements, there are way too many for starters but also a lot of them are pointless and some impossible (yes I know sometimes tough is good) but who wants an achievement for putting a video on YouTube or posting on Facebook, I’d much rather have a set of achievements which are a) achievable and b) interesting.

So after listening to a well known podcast, (go check out OneMoreGamePodcast) where they discussed the achievements on FM18 I decided I would take matters into my own hands and create a brand new set of achievements which I will be attempting to get during my FM19 save. There are 48 of them and I feel all of them can be got in one save but there are some tricky ones in there to add some difficulty to it.

I’ve decided to split them into 5 sections to make it easier to follow but as you can see below I have transfer related ones, club/player, hall of fame (yes it had to be in there!), competitions and personal achievements.

And here they all are (please excuse the graphics I am a novice!):




club player


So it’s as simple as that, collect as many achievements as I can in one single save! Easy!

The Extra Challenge

Now for the interesting part! I love that people follow along with my save and this year I’ve taken this one step further and recruited 10 people to take on the challenge. Who will prevail? Who will win the most achievements? It’s gonna be interesting to see.

I’ve told them they can start anywhere, any club, any country, any league. I’ve also given them the opportunity of changing two of the achievements, “Get Leicester Job” and “Get England Job” can be changed to their favourite club and the country they are from.

The 10 people getting in on the action (and their chosen starting club) are:

TopBinFM (Alex) – Twitter – Hungerford Town

The FM Newby (Martyn) – Twitter – Auckland (New Zealand)

Viva La VidaFM (Tom) – Twitter – Eastbourne Borough

Alex (Alex Parkin90) – Twitter – FC Europa (Custom Team in France)

Damian (Mezzala FM) – Twitter – Widzew (Poland)

James (FM Novice) – Twitter – Shijiazhuang Ever Bright (China)

Dylan (Dylan_WFC) – Twitter – Servette

Andrew (Andrew_Journey) – Twitter – Salford

Mikael (Mikaelinho) – Twitter – Stockport County

Tom (FM Poacher) – Twitter – Derby Midland (Created club starting in National League North)

I have asked all of them to do at least a season by season blog post on this, it won’t be on here but on their own personal blogs so please say hello, drop a follow on Twitter and keep an eye out for their blog posts and wish them luck!! I will attempt myself to do a little roundup as to how they are getting on at the end of each of my season blog posts.

So now I’ve told you the idea of the save I guess I better tell you who I am going to start with.

My Starting Club

I have to say it’s been a lot lot tougher than I expected to pick a side. The main sticking point was do I start with a bigger club with a better rep or a smaller club where I could build myself up, but at the same tick off a few achievements quickly.

After a chat with a few people I’ve decided to start with a smaller team in a smaller country but in a top division where I can instantly start gaining achievements.

And my choice for my starting club is…….


Barry Town United AFC! The reason? Well Gavin and Stacey was one of them! But mainly it’s the fact they have been successful in the past but have since fallen apart, they won the league seven times in eight season between 1996 and 2003 before their decline due to financial issues, since then they have won nothing. Another reason was the fact it’s a different league that I’ve never been to in any FM, so it’ll be new and fun for me as well!

So it’s my job now to bring back the good times, put a smile on good old Uncle Bryn’s face!

A very strange choice you may say but it certainly ticks a few boxes. A smaller team in a smaller league but with the potential to start winning trophies and ticking off achievements quickly.

I hope you follow along with the save, there will be season by season posts, I did that on FM18 and much preferred it as I play rather quickly and it means less stopping to write posts. I like my writing style and although it’s not to everyone’s taste this style suits me best. This save will be solely on here, there won’t be any updates via Twitter or other social media channels, this, for me leaves all the suspense until the post and doesn’t give anything away or any teasers.

The Twitter account will be staying and will be used to tell you all when my posts are out, the main idea for my Twitter account this year is to help promote others content, I love keeping up-to-date with what people do and I want to make sure the content gets out there to as many people as possible. So for anyone that follows @newgenfm on Twitter let me know when you release your content and I’ll make sure I give it a RT (Or Quote RT).

So for now it’s goodbye, there will be a Barry Town Team Guide blog post once the Beta is out where I can get proper FM19 screenshots to show you, this will also take you through my aims and goals during my time a Barry.

Thanks for reading and speak to you all soon

Check out Part 2 HERE

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