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The Hall of FM-ame(ish) – 2046 – A fresh start with an old friend

Welcome back! Well I have left Wolfsburg as mentioned in my previous post and have gone on a long search for pastures new. It has taken the whole of the current season for that perfect job to come up, and I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see where I have ended up!

I had some really interesting offer, Liverpool currently 15th in the Premiership, Everton in the Championship being 2 of many offers for interviews but I really wanted to hold out for an interesting project. Then this happened:


The job I wanted for so long was available after Sion had a shocker of a season.


7th place was the worst season Sion has endured since I left and they needed someone to come in, steady the ship and bring back the good old day. Who else would you want but me!

Yes after a really good interview Sion came in with an offer, £20m transfer kitty and a pretty short 2 year deal.


Clearly I accpeted! I have wanted to return to Sion for so long but have swatted away the urge due to wanting to top other nations Hall of Fame but now I’m moving that challenge to one side the offer was too good to turn down. It feels great to be back and I am so keen to bring the good days back and playing in my own ground named after me!


Yep that’s right Sion now play at the Stephen Robbins Arena! A 30,000 all seater stadium and looking through their attendances this season they do tend to 95% fill the ground.

As you can see above the facilities are still really good so hopefully I will be able to bring through some good youngsters from the intakes, maybe we find a new Patrick Hodler!

Talking of Hodler I have tried to sign him up for my backroom but he wants way too much money so unfortunately at this time he won’t be coming with me.

So firstly let’s take a look at how Sion have done since I left way back in 2027. Here it all is in a handy little spreadsheet:


So as you can see it’s been an indifferent 18 years, 6 league titles and 3 in the past 6 years is pretty decent but the past 2 years they have severely tailed off. They have also only won 1 Swiss Cup way back in 2030. In Europe they haven’t done too well either, they haven’t got past the Champions League group stage and in the Europa League their best effort was in 2042 where they reached the semi finals.


Right now let’s take a look at the squad I have at my disposal:


We do have some decent rated players but alongside that there are also some pretty average players, however it is nice to see a large bulk of the squad are Swiss. As I move through the season I want to try and increase the number f Swiss players in my team and alongside that try and get more players in the Swiss national team.

Here are the 3 players who I feel will be an integral part of the squad moving forward:


3 top quality players and there are many more in the squad who I really like the look of, I will speak more about them in each season review.

We also have a couple of decent looking youngsters in the reserve and youth teams:



Xhulio Musta looks top quality and will be one player I will be looking closely at, his loans ends in a month.


Finally is the financial situation which looks really good. £37m in the bank and projections show me are forecast to lose around £6m per season so we need to start bringing in some more funds, and look at trying to lower the wages, last season we spent £22m on player wages and only brought in £10m in gate receipts so we need to try and balance this more.

We also need to make sure we make an instant return to Europe next season.


So there we have it, I feel like I’ve come home and already feel like I’m getting the love back. I have high hopes for my time here and really feel we can hit the ground running.

So let’s set some aims and objectives for the next few years:

  1. Try and reduce the wage budget and lower the losses per season.
  2. Win a trophy in my first season.
  3. Get European football back to Stephen Robbins Arena next season.
  4. Win the league in the next 3 years.
  5. Try and bring through some young players to the first team.
  6. Keep increasing the number of Swiss players in the squad.

Anyway that’s all from me for now, I hope you have enjoyed the post and are as excited as I am for this new venture.

Thanks for reading

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