Hall of FM-ame · My FM18 Save

My FM18 Save

Hello! Yes that’s right I’m back and for FM18 I will returning to blogging. If you don’t know me I used to be ThatFMRegen and after a little break I have returned as NewGenFM. A cheeky little re-brand (don’t we all love one of those?!).

So what am I planning to do for FM18 I hear you ask? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. You may know me for my challenges such as the Alphabet Challenge and the Pentagon Challenge, this year I won’t be doing those but I will be doing a challenge/journeyman style save, within it there is a particular aim and here is what it is:

“Welcome to the Hall of FM-ame”

We all love Pokemon don’t we? (this is Pokemon right?!)

I’m pretty sure no one has based a challenge around the Hall of Fame feature on the FM series but that is what I am planning to do. The aim is by the end of my save to be top of Worldwide Hall of Fame but that’s not just it, here’s the main idea:

  • I start in a pre-defined Nation (this hasn’t been decided as yet).
  • I cannot leave that Nation until I have topped their Hall of Fame.
  • Once I top the Hall of Fame I can move to another Nation but can’t leave there until I top that Hall of Fame.

And so on, and so on.

I plan to start in Europe and will only be allowed to leave Europe once I top the European Hall of Fame (this will be near on impossible seeing how many points Sir Alex has!).

One thing to note is that Hall of Fame points for each Nation is only based on the trophies won in that Nation (domestic League and Cups), Continental and International Trophies do not count towards the Nation points but do count towards the Worldwide and Continental Points.

Make sense? With me? Fantastic!

Where am I going to manage?

Like I said I haven’t decided on where or whom I will be starting with but I have some ideas, I want to make sure I don’t start in a Nation where the manager top of the Hall of Fame has so many titles that it would take 20+ years to overtake him (Like Scotland where the top Manager has 16 league titles and 14 cups to his name), also I want to make sure the manager who is top doesn’t have only 1 title to his name.

The Scotland Hall of Fame – FM17

The optimum idea for me would be for it to take between 5 and 10 seasons each nation to have a chance of overtaking the man at the top.

So over the next few weeks I will be researching FM17 to see which Nations fit the criteria I set and from that draw up a list of Nations that over the course of FM18 I want to manage in.

What club do I want to manage?

At the start of this save I won’t be starting with a club that I instantly win trophies with nor will I start with a team where it will take me years to build. My plan is to start with a team that hasn’t had massive success but in the past few years has moved up the league and (hopefully) is in Europe. European football gives the club extra revenue which should help me build the club up quicker. If anyone has any suggestions on teams that fit this criteria then please send them my way.

One club who took my eye was Austrian team SC Rheindorf Altach who over the past 3 or 4 seasons have become a stable(ish) Bundesliga team and have recently got into European although they haven’t won any silverware. After a chat with one of the SI Austrian researchers for FM he suggested that it would take a long time to get Altach up to the standards of the big hitters so I have (I think) discounted these but currently they are on my list of teams to manage. So the thought is a club similar to Altach but who have a realistic chance of catching up the big hitters quickly.

A few Nations I’m currently looking at are Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, etc. I will explain more in my next blog post.

I also have some other small stipulations that I want to attempt to adhere to:

  1. Where possible sign players from the Nation I’m managing in. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, I can buy foreign but only if the pool of players I have at my disposal isn’t good enough.
  2. Try and build the club I’m at from the bottom up and invest in facility upgrades to make sure the club can develop it’s own players. This means that when I move on I hopefully leave the club in safe hands for the future.
  3. Attempt to keep retiring players on by giving them jobs in the backroom staff.

I may add extra things on as I go along but these 3 will be a staple of the save.

How will I be telling you about my save?

So this is my plan. There will be no Twitter updates, just a plain old blog. I have tried many different things over the past few years, some I’ve enjoyed and some I’ve hated. I won’t be doing anything fancy like tactical analysis articles, etc. My quality is in writing from the heart and talking about my save, my career, that’s all. Some people like this, some find it boring and monotonous, I’m not expecting everyone to like it but hopefully I will be able to draw you in with my passion and enthusiasm and you will enjoy following me in my journey.

As for how I will structure my posts I am still toying between 2 ideas.

  1. 2 posts per season – A transfer special and an end of season review
  2. 1 post – A total overview of the whole season.

For me it No. 2 at the moment. I have minimal time to play the game and write posts so want to make sure I don’t burn myself out. If my busy personal life calms down then I may decide on No. 1 but for now it’s No. 2, it then gives me time to play the game more than spending too much time blogging.

When I first started blogging my 1 post per season blog was by far my most enjoyable blogging experience, now I know some people want more depth but I want to write and enjoy it, if I enjoy it then hopefully you will all enjoy it to! If anyone has any feedback on this then please chuck it my way either on here or via Twitter @NewGenFM

Anyway enough rambling, I hope you like the idea, I feel it’s pretty basic but also original and for me should be really exciting.

Speak to you all soon!



9 thoughts on “My FM18 Save

  1. I think this is a great idea! Haven’t seen it done yet and I like it. Some suggestions;

    Young Boys – Switzerland
    Helsingborgs – Sweden
    FK Partizan – Serbia

    They are great teams but not the too in their country so could be decent. A question though, Are you planning to leave Europe if you start there? Because if you start in Europe, you will top the worldwide hall of fame before you could leave I think?


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I like doing different things! I think the plan is to stsy in Europe until I top their HOF. As u will see in my next post it will probably take the length of fm18 to do it!


      1. No problem! Won’t topping the European HOF mean you top the worldwide HOF? Or am I mistaken? Just wondering because if your goal is to top the worldwide HOF, you might complete it without ever leaving Europe


      2. I’ll have to check when I’m home from work but I think the worldwide is a few extra points more than Europe plus you have the extra worries of current managers gaining points at the same time!


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