(FM20) Athletico Paranaense – 2028 Season Review

Welcome back once again! Season 9 (YES SEASON NINE!!!) is over in this amazing save, my 3rd with Paranaense in Brazil. It’s been another great season, probably one of the toughest I’ve had so far. After last seasons trophy-less campaign we had to get back on track this season. Could we win the league? Could we do the unthinkable and win the clubs first ever Copa Liberatadores? Well you better read on to find out!

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(FM20) Athletico Paranaense – 2027 Season Review

Welcome back! Another season down, this save gets better and better by the minute. Season Two is over in Brazil with Athletico Paranaense and after last seasons Serie A win, our first in 25 years expectations are high, the board want another title and we are favourites to do so, they also have massively high hopes for the Copa Libertadores!! So could we do everything they asked? Keep reading to find out…

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(FM20) – Athletico Paranaense – 2026 Season Review

Welcome back! My word Brazilian seasons are long!!! States Champs, League, Cup, Continental Trophies, if we get to every final we are looking at a 70+ match campaign! It’s wonderful! Anyway calm down everyone, that’s right the first season with Paranaense is over, it’s been a good one but how good I hear you ask?

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(FM20) Time To Move On…..But Where To?

So the time has come to leave Haugesund, if you have read my last post you will have heard my reasons why. I do this with a heavy heart, nearly every minute of the past 7 seasons have been brilliant but in the last campaign it started to go stale, boring you could say. I’m not one for standing still, my long term followers will know that so I’m sure most of you expected this! So its only a matter of weeks since leaving Norway and my plans to go to a non-European nation has happened and I have a new club far far away from Scandinavia!

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(FM20) FK Haugesund – 2025 Season Review – Now Can we Retain it?

Welcome back! That’s right another season is down, this is number 7! After last years great campaign where for the first time we won the Norwegian League/Cup double hopes are high for the upcoming season. Can we do the double-double? Let’s take a look and see!

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(FM20) – FK Haugensund – 2024 Season Review – Can we recover?

Well hello there! Yes that’s right I’m back in your face with another season review. What a save this has been so far! So last season was a shocker, we failed to regain our title and for the first time in the save we failed to win a trophy. This season is massive, the board are get twitchy and we need to get Champions League football back to the Haugesund Stadion.

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