(FM20) 2033/34 Season Review – Xolos Tijuana – Into The Big Time

Welcome back! After last season’s first stage win in Mexico with the wonderful Xolos Tijuana my third season takes on extra importance. We are into the North American Champions League and the board expect us to reach the final. This is a major moment in the save overall. The NACL is the only reason I’m here, it is one of the big achievements I need to tick off, win it and my time in Mexico is over! How did we do? Well let’s find out!!

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(FM20) 2032/33 Season Review – Xolos Tijuana – Fighting Back

Welcome back! Another season down in what is turning out to be one of my favourite ever FM saves. The journey so far has been incredible and my time in Mexico is no different. After a brilliant first season where we won the Copa MX but fell short in both stages of the Liga Bancomer expectations for this season are higher than ever….from myself at least! So how did we do? Could we actually win one of the League stages? Will the big clubs leave my players alone?! Let’s take a look and find out!

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(FM20) 2031/32 Season Review – Rocking with the Tijuana Boys

Welcome back! Another season down, my first in Mexico with Xolos Tijuana. It’s been another brilliant, epic season. The club were expected to end mid-table, did we exceed expectations? Did the new patch wreck my tactic? Well lets take a look and find out!

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FM Newby

European Road Trip S1 E2 – Zero to Hero

This is a Fake Blog documentary, narrated by James Sheath, “produced and written” by Steve Robbins and Alex Parkin

In this episode we discover the fall out from the important game and what happens next…

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(FM20) Club Número Cuatro

Welcome back! Well it’s not been long since I left my post at Stellenbosch and I already have a new job! The language in the title may give it slightly away as to where I’m off. I had the choice of North America or Asia, Mexico, South Korea or China. The choices were endless, my reputation is high enough to be taking any job I want and after being offered quite a few roles I’ve eventually found the one that has taken my eye!

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(FM20) Stellenbosch – 2030/31 Season Review

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s another blog post from me! Another season down and my word what a year it’s been! Last season we cruelly missed out on the South African Premiership title, bottling it in the final game. The 2nd place finish however gives us Champions League football for this season, which is the most important thing currently in my Achievement Hunter challenge. Win it and I move on to the next continent! How did we do? Well let’s find out!

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Lewis Voce

Ipswich Town – Bringing through the youth

In the late 90’s to early 2000’s Ipswich Town developed a good reputation for bringing through promising young footballers. Kieran Dyer, Darren Ambrose and Darren Bent all came through and then went on to bigger clubs with varied success.

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